Rollcast Energy is a bioenergy developer involved in the full life cycle of our projects from initial screen to management of the operating assets.  We are skilled in negotiating PPAs, permitting, design, contracting, financing, construction management and asset management.  While we are willing to consider any opportunity to create bio-based energy, we are primarily focused in the following areas:

  • Traditional woody biomass to power, where we are active in greenfield development as well as acquisitions.  Our greenfield projects tend to follow our 50 MW reference design but we do deviate from this, particularly when we partner with another developer that already has committed to something different.  We are also active in the acquisition of biomass plants.  We are particularly interested in troubled projects where we can bring all of our development, technical and management expertise to bear.
  • Anaerobic Digestion of animal, food and wastewater treatment waste.  We are developing biogas to electricity projects today but are also looking at opportunities to sell the biogas or create bio-CNG to fuel truck fleets.
  • Processing of construction and demolition waste.  We are developing C&D processing facilities to recycle valuable materials and turned salvaged biomass waste into electric and thermal energy.

In addition, because of our strong and diverse background in the industry, we provide development services and consulting for various projects on a partnership or a third party basis.  Services include business development, project management, due diligence, financial modeling and assistance with capital raising.

We can also provide best in class third party asset management even for projects in which we have no ownership interest.

While we obviously have a particular strength in biomass, we have experience in all types of power generation and can provide management services to virtually any power project.